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I don’t really know much and I especially don’t know what I’m supposed to do. But I do know I wanna go get stoned and find a tree to sit by.

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i got tired of getting called a slut + the chevelle valso covered up some burn scarstumblr user pastlites

"That’s what fear is, thoughts distort reality. Not the other way around."
Antichrist (2009) dir. Lars Von Trier
"When I’m sad, oh god I’m sad. But when I’m happy, I am happy. There’s just no place in between for us to meet." - The Front Bottoms, “Flashlight”  (via frontbottomslyrics)

(via frontbottomslyrics)

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Marcelina Sowa wears a vintage tulle dress, photographed by Laura Sciacovelli for Mixte N°47 France, June 2007.

Page 188 from The Consumer, Baptized